Industrial Services

Keeping Industrial Facilities Cool With Clean, Safe Systems

InterCool is a complete industrial refrigeration facility design and construction company. That means that we build the mechanical systems that keep industrial buildings cool.

  • Custom Design Capabilities
  • Consult and Understand Individual Client Needs and Requirements
  • Practical and Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Deep Refrigeration Construction Experience

We work nation-wide. Our approved welding procedures promote clean system installations. Also, all our welds are X-ray quality. This is a feature which is becoming increasingly important for environmental, as well as safety reasons. All prefabricated piping produced in our shop is made using the mixed-inert gas (MIG) process.

Design and Construction Team

Our field crews are made up of highly skilled craftsmen who are experienced in the installation of pressure piping, as well as refrigeration systems. Our welders must pass a rigid certification test developed specifically for high-pressure refrigeration piping systems.

Process and Procedures

All field welding is done in accordance with ASME Section IX, B31.5. Whenever possible, piping cuts are made with a bandsaw on piping 2″ and smaller and an automatic cutoff machine on piping 2 1/2″ and larger. This eliminates the need to grind a bevel on the joint with an abrasive wheel, which is a time-consuming process and can contribute to grit in the system.

Using the latest 3D AutoCAD software and high-speed internet connections, our professional design team can easily exchange refrigeration system drawing files with project architects, construction managers, and other related trades. This allows us to fast track the design process and pre-fabricate as much of the field piping as possible, so that total design and construction time can be reduced to a minimum.